Customers Testimonials


1.   Marc from Chesterfield Twp

I’ve shot a little over 2,000 rounds in the past two years varying from .380, 9mm, .38 & .40. Every round I’ve shot has done exactly what it was expected to do. Not a single misfire or jam in any of my firearms. Additionally, with the current shortages going on across the country, it’s refreshing to see a company with the integrity to not double or triple their prices like so many others. You make an excellent product at reasonable prices. I’m glad I found your company.
2.   Tim from Clinton Twp

Love this ammo!!  I've shot over 10,000 rounds of American Eagle Consulting Inc's ammo (Eagle Brand Ammo) (9mm, 40 s&w & 45ACP) I've never had one problem.  They take great pride in making their ammo.  And even though there's a ammo shortage they keep their prices low.  I've put 10 rounds of this ammo in a bag with 10 rounds of new ammo and I couldn't tell which is which..  I agree with Marc "it’s refreshing to see a company with the integrity to not double or triple their prices like so many others."  Thank you for being awesome!
3.  Sgt. Thomas L.

I've shot over 1500 rounds from 9mm, .223, and 45apc and never once had I had any problems from Mike's ammo.
4.  Ron O.

I have fired several hundred rounds of 38 special, 40 S&W and 44 Rem Mag rounds from Mike and Eagle Brand Ammo. 
I find them to be very reliable, with no miss-fires or dud rounds.  I also find them to be extremely clean, even even cleaner than new rounds.  I  highly recommend Eagle Brand Ammo.
5.  Peter P.

Eagle Brand Ammo delivers a great product! I have not had any issues with your ammo. I use the 9mm FMJ target rounds. Have bought over 1,500 rounds from you and every round fired as it should have. Prices are pretty good considering today's market, really close to retail prices. Keep up the great job!  I highly recommend Eagle Brand Ammo.
6.  Tami  from Sterling Heights.

I buy reload ammo from AEC frequently. I have several 9mm and .40cal that I love to shoot. I can honestly say that I've never seen such care and quality go into production of reloads as I have with AEC. I've recommended them to many people and I've personally introduced them to a few too!! Mike offers quality ammo and great pricing. AEC is my only supplier for reload ammunition.
7.  Vince from Chesterfield Twp

This ammo is Great! I have shot many brands and the brand I like the best By Far is  Eagle Brand Ammo! You Simply can not tell the difference between Eagle Brand high quality ammo and the "Brand Name" New ammo. You can tell they take pride in what they do! It looks and shoots like new ammo! Not 1 misfire or jam! I have only had the pleasure of shooting their .40 S&W so far, but hope to expand my collection and use their other calibers. I am also very glad I found American Eagle. Thanks Mike!
8.  Barb H.

Mike at Eagle Brand Ammo is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I always receive my order quickly and the quality has been consistently excellent.  Prices are always reasonable and even better if you join the Ammo club to get updates on specials.  No need to shop anywhere else. Thanks Mike!
9.  Robert
Learned of Mike’s operations a few months ago, and have purchased both the .40 cal., and 45 ACP. I still have some new ammo I purchased prior to doing business with Eagle Brand Ammo, and find his reloads superior to the new ammo I have previously purchased from other on line services! His reloads even look much better than brand new rounds!!! I have a Glock 27, .40 cal., that I have had some hang ups with while using some brand new ammo, of a respectable manufacturer? Thus far, I have no problems with the reloads purchased from Mike. And his prices are very reasonable, plus he gives a discount if your bring him your empty casings! A happy camper! 
10.  Michael D.

I bought the .38 special ammo at the Mt. Clemens gun show. Fired very smooth. Ammo wasn't hopped up with gunpowder. Very little residue. Gun cleaned perfectly after firing. Buying .357 sig soon. Great ammo at awesome prices.
11.  Tom H.

I had perfect experience with all the Eagle Brand 9mm & 45 ammo purchased and used over the last year.  No jams, no misfires and no contamination found or seen.  As a Quality Director for a Tier one supplier I am picky and not forgiving of supplier who forget the Customers expectations are everything.  Thanks for meeting my expectations. Keep up the good work Mike & Eagle Brand Ammo.  
12.  Albert P.

I want to thank Mike for his very consistent Ammo, I shoot IDPA 2 days a week and use his Ammo exclusively and never had a problem with miss feeding or firing, I use his 9mm and 45ACP. 
13.  John V.

I have been completely satisfied with the 38 and 357 rounds I have been getting from your store. No misfires, nicely packaged, neat and clean rounds, and great service.
14.  Tim From Warren.

Commitment to Quality, Backing up their products is why I buy form Eagle brand Ammo.